Registered nurse and midwife experiences of using videoconferencing in practice

Updated: Oct 14, 2020


Review question/objectives:

The objective of this review is to synthesize the evidence of registered nurses' and midwives' experiences of videoconferencing in clinical and professional practice. For the purpose of this review, professional practice is defined as activities including education and training, maintaining competencies, networking and peer support. Clinical practice includes any activities directly related to patient/client care.

The primary questions to be answered are:

What are the the perceptions and experiences of nurses and midwives in relation to the appropriateness and meaningfulness of videoconferencing; how do they perceive its use in professional and clinical practice?

A secondary question to be addressed in this review is:

What are nurse and midwife accounts of the factors that influence the use of videoconferencing in professional and clinical practice?

Center conducting the review: Centre for Evidence-based Healthy Ageing - an Affiliate Center of the Joanna Briggs Institute; Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland.

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